How to make the eight ball on the break

Coach Barnard explains how to sink the 8 Ball on the break.

One of the most impressive things to do is to sink the eight ball on the break.

This not only wins the game but it looks really cool!

There are a few reasons NOT to try to make the eightball on the break, the cue ball could fly off the table, the eight ball and the cue ball could go in resulting in a loss, or you could scratch the cue ball.

POOL LESSON: How to make the eight ball on the break

Make sure the rack is tight. A tight rack will insure a more consistent outcome.

Set up the cue ball one ball away from the rail (see diagram for exact placement). If you are on the right rail use low left English, if you are on the left use low right English.  Aim as if you are trying to split first and second ball. You actually do not want to hit the first ball as it will push the eight ball in the wrong direction.  The idea is to make the eight ball in the side pocket opposite from the rail that you are shooting from.

It will take some practice in getting the right stroke. Anytime you hit the cue ball low and hard you risk sending the ball flying off the table. Especially in a bar where the cue ball is so much larger than the other balls. Try to learn how hard you can hit the ball without sending it flying.

Low left or right English is used to avoid scratching in the corner pockets. Hitting the cue ball with english and enough force to break the balls up will make the cue ball go off it’s aiming line. This is called squirt. If you are hitting the cue ball on the right side it will have the tendency to “squirt” to the left. So adjust your aiming line accordingly.

It takes a lot of practice to try to sink the eight ball on the break. Just remember that there is no sure fire way to make the eight ball on the break every time, but it is possible to help out your odds by using the technique described above.

Also known as “8 Ball”

Sinking the eight ball on the break

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