THE GREAT ONES:Allison Fisher

As you watch Allison Fisher calculate her next move, you can see that she is a true athlete, someone who enjoys the game and embodies the spirit of a true professional. Fisher is consistently one of the most enjoyable players to watch. Playing pool since the age of seven, Fisher soon showed a natural skill at the table that has only grown with the passing of time. Today, Fisher is one of the most interesting and skilled players ever to grace the tables and the elegance of her skill grows more apparent each time she plays.

Fisher was a talented athlete throughout her school career, playing a number of school sports. However, Snooker remained her main interest and she continued to play and practice at any opportunity. Fisher would give up traditional school activities like parties and spending time with friends to pursue her interest. At age 14 she decided she wanted to become a professional Snooker player. Working through the obstacles that stopped her, including her difficulties in finding her place in a male-dominated sport that often deliberately exclude female athletes, Fisher soon gained a reputation for being the player to beat.

Within a few years of entering the professional Snooker world, Fisher began looking for a new challenge. The American Pro Billiard tour presented the right opportunity, with purses in the 1990’s for female athletes growing and the television coverage of female players quickly outpacing that of their male counterparts. Despite never having played American-style billiards, Fisher was confident that she would be able to master the sport. Fisher’s confidence led her to move across the ocean and settle into a new country where she was quickly accepted among the ranks of female pool players.

Fisher’s class and sportsmanship quickly made her a fan favorite in a game that often included underhanded moves during games. Within her first year on the circuit, Fisher won two events. A year later, she was up to seven titles. More importantly, Fisher shook up the world of women’s pool, causing players to find new ways to up their game in hopes of beating Fisher. Her contribution to the game meant she finally gained the recognition she deserved, gaining sponsorships and becoming a household name among pool fans.

Today, Fisher lives in a graceful home in Charlotte, NC where she enjoys gardening and remains dedicated to practicing her chosen sport. Fisher continues to tour, playing in exhibition games and raising money for charity when she isn’t competing. Fisher continues her long time winning streak, and has been inducted into the BCA Hall of Fame in recognition of her standing as one of the sport’s greatest players.

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