Best iPhone Apps for Pool Players that aren’t Pool Apps

This is a list of apps that are useful for players, when not playing pool, or waiting to play pool, or playing pool one handed while you look at your iphone.

Gas Cubby
Cost: Free
Driving to all those 8 ball pool tournaments can put a lot of wear and tear on your car! This app tracks your gas mileage, gas prices, stats, and service expenses. If you are like me you will remember to change your oil but not your air filter, gas cubby will remind you of basic vehicle maintenance.

Cost: Free
Most people aren’t aware of how many calories they are eating. Especially if you are hanging out all night eating bar food during your APA night! This app allows you to keep track of those calories. It’s very easy interface allows you to quickly search and log what you are eating. let’s face it most of use could lose a few pounds, studies show that people that kept a food diary lost significantly more weight than those that didn’t.

Tiny Violin
Cost: $0.99
Ever wanted a simple way to show someone how much you care about their constant bellyaching? Whip out the worlds smallest violin and play them a song.

Cost: Free
Skype has long been the best way to chat or video chat with friends and family on the internet. The Skype app brings chat and video chat to your iPhone. Unlike Facetime you don’t need Wi-Fi to video chat.

Chess With Friends
Cost: Free
Pass the time during those long APA nights with Chess With Friends. Play with your friends or you can have the app find you an opponent. Play up to 20 games at the same time!

Cost: Free
This Free app is an awesome way to make yourself simple reminders and store them on the web. Access your notes from any browser, your computer and your phone. You can not only type in a note, but clip a web page, save a photo, or even leave yourself a voice memo.

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