The Age Of The Pool T-Shirts – Part 1

Story by: Nico Naidoo

Ding Ding.
I answered the door. The joy I felt when I saw the postman holding a package was unexplainable. The box read “Chalk is Free” and contained the t-shirts that I had been waiting so long for. After signing the bill, I ran to my room to open the package. Inside I found the 3 pool t-shirts that I won. A red one, a blue one, and a yellow one. Of course the red one was for me, but the two others were for my friends Khail, and Serah. I took a shower, had breakfast, and made my way to Serah’s house.

As I knocked on Serah’s door, I wasn’t wearing the pool t-shirt. I didn’t want to wear it until all of my friends were together. Khail was already at Serah’s place, so we would all put the pool t-shirts on together. Little did we know what would happen. I took the pool t-shirts out of my bag and I put them on the table. I gave the blue one to Khail, and the yellow one to Serah. We all put them on and BANG. We heard a loud crash. We ran outside. This wasn’t the suburban area that we knew. This was tropical rainforest ! As we walked out the door, we turned around to see that we had just walked out a giant tree. The door closed behind us, disappearing instantly. None of us knew what happened. We just knew something happened when we put on the pool t-shirts.

We ventured this new land for a while. We walked about 300 meters and found a pretty little waterfall. Khail had a sudden inclination to swim, so he jumped straight into the lagoon. Before we knew it , Khail started shooting water at us, using nothing but his hands. He was able to control water. He didn’t generate water, but he could manipulate it. It was the strangest thing. Khail had started to annoy Serah with the water, so she raised her hand. “Enough!” she yelled.
As she said that, the water pushed away, as if the air around her had moved to stop the water. It hit us. We could manipulate elements. But what could I manipulate ? Khail was wearing blue, he controlled water. Serah was wearing yellow, she controlled air. I controlled fire, by theory. I needed to test it. I didn’t have a lighter or anything available, so Serah and I made a fire, and we were sure to keep Khail well away. I saw a spark, and from there, I snapped my fingers, and that spark turned into a full blown fire. Crazy what these pool t-shirts do.

The Age Of The Pool T-Shirts – Part 2

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