Pool Story: My Teenage Years Playing Pool

Story by: Anon

I remember when I was in 14; I used to hang out at my best friends’ pool room. The place was just two blocks away from the place where I spent my high school years. And just like other starters, anyone who can at least run 3 balls was actually a pro for me.

Just like other kids, and having that childlike dream, I had also aspired of becoming a world-class pool player. So growing up with a best friend whose father owns a pool business would actually give me this sort-of “calling” to perfect the craft of playing pool.

Why did I even aspire to play pool? I often asked myself that question. Most of the reason would be my height, my focusing skills and the art of being really smart and tricky to make sure that I can pocket every time I get the opportunity to shoot the ball with a cue stick.

Playing pool is not really that difficult. Always keep in mind the following tips when playing pool: Learn the basic terms – even if it is not more of a requirement, learning the right terms would probably make you look like you know what you are doing. Choose a good cue stick – Choosing the right cue stick can make a distinction in playing pool, so better take some time in selecting a perfect stick for you. Remember to check if the cue stick is straight, the tip of the cue and most especially checking a cue stick that would make you feel comfortable when using it. Chalking the cue stick – the chalk is used to pick up the friction when hitting the ball and give you a better shot. Learn the proper stance – this would make a better shot by learning the right body posture. Gripping of the cue stick – although holding the cue stick would sometimes seem to be a minimal thing, knowing the right grip is very vital when playing pool. Learn how to do the bridge – this is the hand formation that guides the cue stick. It secures your cue stick position in order to minimize any movement. Aiming – this can only be successful when stance and stroking are correctly executed. And lastly, understand the rules of playing pool – you will go back to zero if you don’t even know the rules of the game.

My desire for playing pool lasted for years even until I reached second year in college. I would spend my free hours playing pool at the nearest pool area at our university. Sometimes, I would resort playing pool at the university recreation center if I do not have the money to spend for a private pool room.

My expertise in playing pool made me famous in our university. I joined several competitions and luckily, I would sometimes win a prize. The influence of playing pool has also changed the shows that I watch on TV. I often watch sports-oriented channels and TV shows which features pool competitions.

The time I stopped joining competitions and playing pool was the moment when I graduated from college; focusing on my career in the Business Process Outsourcing industry and totally forgot about the dream that used to have. I was not able to give much time in playing pool and it has been years since the last time I played. But now, writing this article is starting to give me the urge to hold a cue stick and make a shot. Truly, my teenage years were quite a great journey. And holding a cue stick made it complete.

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