POOL STORY: Playing Pool

By Anon

Playing pool is a relatively easy game to learn, but hard to master. Although it’s hard to master, I have had some great times playing pool with friends and family. When I was a in middle school and high school we always used to visit our relatives in Southern California every year during the summer. We usually would relax and enjoy the company as well as play sports such as soccer and basketball.

I remember one particular year my uncle bought a brand new pool table. My brothers and I were amazed at how nice it was and of course we all wanted to play seeing that we hadn’t played before minus one or two times at bowling alleys. My uncle explained some basic tips and techniques how you want to try and hit a ball in and setup your next shot at the same time. Although this was all new to me, it was a blast.

We played pool the whole weekend and kept on one-upping each other. If I hit a ball in, my uncle would hit two in. If I put spin on the ball he would hop over balls. Learning the game and enjoying some friendly trash talking between families while playing indoors was amazing. Also, pool provides you with the ability to eat way too much food while still being considered an athlete, which is one of my personal favorites. Overall, playing pool is a great way to come together as a family and enjoy holidays together.

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