Billiards Shirts billiards shirt designs are inspired by many different sources, from movies like the godfather, famous badasses like bruce lee, general pool playing topics like sandbagging, or just the love of all things billiards. Basically we love playing pool and cool t-shirts! allows us to combine the two.

Over the years there have been many great billiard shirt lines that have garnered loyal followings. We hope to join those great brands by bringing a fresh and original look to the world of billiard apparel. We started off with nine shirt designs; shark, goat, puppet, forever, eight ball, bruise lee, no sandbagging, chalkisfree, and 8-Ball. We won’t stop there, keep checking back for more t-shirts designs, sweatshirts and headwear!

You opinion is very valuable to us. Please don’t hesitate to email us your comments, criticisms, ideas, rants, questions, and thoughts! Who knows we may even send you a free t-shirt just for the heck of it. Please write to:

All apparel is available at

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