Cool Links #2

1.) My break Speed
Super Cool Ap that measures your break speed.

2) Morning Glory
A beautiful cue designed by cue master Paul Drexler.

3) Kid Knocks Himself Out Playing Pool
Funny video featured on Comedy Central’s Tosh 2.0. So you know it must be good!

4) Disappearing Pool Table
Super Cool pool table that rises from the ground. Too bad they didn’t make the damn couches disappear.

5) Drivable Snooker Table
Drivable Snooker Table made in India by a man named Sudhakar (famous for designing a Condom Bike). WTF?

6) Cue Shark
Keep your cue tip in tip top condition with the Cue Shark. Not just for your personal cue, you can you use the Cue Shark at your local bar to fix up their crappy sticks.

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