The Worlds Largest Pool Cue

I was walking by Billiards Direct in La Mesa and I saw a huge pool cue in the window! I immediately spoke to the guy working there about how much it cost. He was not willing to part with it! He told me that Players Pool Cues made it as a promotional item a few years back and they don’t make them any more.

I left thinking what a cool thing to have. So I gave Dave at Quality Billiards a call to see if he could make one. How much would something like that cost? I had to find out. Dave said that he had the exact cue, but gave it to Magic Johnson when he bought a pool table from him. I asked him if he could make one. Unfortunately he said no. Something about not having a lathe big enough.

So I hit the internet. Searching for “Large Pool Cue”, “Huge Pool Stick”, and “The World’s Largest Pool Stick”. Nothing. Zero Zilch. Not one thing about any type of oversized pool cue. Weirdly there wasn’t even an Official Players Pool Cue Website. You would think if a company went to the trouble of creating a really really big pool stick that they would have at least a one page website!

I start calling people outside of the Billiards Industry and got some good leads. Hollywood Prop Makers and CNC Machine Shops topping the list. One of the best recommendations was to talk to Furniture Makers. The reason being that they might have a lathe large enough to handle the job. But would they know how to create a proper Tip, Ferrule, Joint, Butt Sleeve and Bumper?

I decided to go back to Billiards Direct and take some measurements and pictures to be able to explain what I wanted to whoever I found crazy enough to take on the job. The guy at Billiards Direct remembered me and I am not sure if he was just feeling in a charitable mood or felt sorry for me but he decided to sell me the cue.

Is this the worlds largest pool stick? Probably not.  I am sure there are many more of these floating around since I am assuming that Players Pool Cues sent out more than the two that the pool stores in San Diego received.  Hopefully this article will motivate the person who does have a legitimate pool stick that is longer than 87” to come out of the wood work and post a picture and dimensions. Then I will know how big to make my next oversized pool stick!

Special thanks to guys at Billiards Direct for making my pool year.





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