Cool Links #1

1.) Jeanette Lee
The Black Widow’s twitter is very slick and informing. If you are a fan of Jeanette Lee you will not be disappointed. make sure you check out the video page, where Jeanette lee schools you on the perfect break.

2) $150,000 Pool Cue
The Intimidator is the perfect pool stick if you like to play pool, then go out and fight Thulsa Doom during your search for the riddle of steel.

3) American Poolplayers Association
The best way to get better at pool is to play a lot. Joining the APA is the best way to play a variety of different skill levels on a regular basis.

4) OB Cues
Turbo charge your game with an OB Shaft. These high quality shafts are not as clumsy or random as a normal shafts; an elegant weapon for a more civilized age.

5) The Monk
Bring your game to the highest level with teachings of the Monk. “If you are lazy in practice, you will be lazy in the contest. Practice with sincerity of heart.” nuff said. Buy all the videos. hahah.

6) Shanelle Loriane
Shanelle Loriane is an awesome pool player. check out her site, to be honest it’s not very good, but then again there’s a bunch of pics of Shanelle, and that is not a bad thing. 🙂

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